Benefits of Marbella Shellstone


  1. Marbella Shellstone supports a full product line with a large selection of items, finishes & sizes.
  2. We have the capability to create custom cuts for special orders.
  3. Every item is hand inspected at our factory by a quality control team of over 100 people before any container is shipped. Then the material is re-inspected at our Miami warehouse to insure no breakage has occurred.
  4. We pride ourselves on maintaining a “small company” mentality by placing a heavy emphasize on personalized service with quick turn around and maximum flexibility.
  5. Our prices are extremely competitive based on the high-end quality we put forth.
  6. We can provide you with any sized samples you may need free of charge. Also, we’ve developed a Showroom Sample Program, which provides Boards, Brochures, Photos, Handout Samples and much more.
  7. Marbella Shellstone is a unique, one of a kind stone that can only be found in the Philippines.
  8. Marbella Shellstone stands apart from other material in today’s over saturated market where everyone is basically selling the same types of stone.

Reasons to Use

The sandy beige coloration of Marbella Stone is fairly uniform in shading. Slight color variations only enhance the natural beauty and character of the stone.

  • Heat absorption prevents it from getting hot on a sunny day.
  • Matching pool coping.
  • No color variation (replacement, addition savings & advantages).
  • Staying Economical while creating elegance.
  • Little to no maintenance.
  • A beautiful beach look thanks to oceanic characteristics.
  • Will not discolor like cement.
  • Marbella is proven to be Frost Proof.
  • Non-SLIP surface offering a higher Coefficient of Friction Requirement 0.74 on any condition.
  • We are the producers of Marbella and quarry from our factory.
  • Can be used in Interior and Exterior application seamlessly.
  • Marbella Shell stone shines above all other shell stone when it comes to visual aesthetics, top grade quality and longevity in life.

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Shellstone is a product of nature. Shading is evident in all natural stones.  Shellstone is one of the lowest shade variated stone in the market.  The oustanding creation possibilities using marbella shellstone for indoor and outdoor uses is unmatched. Shellstone floor and wall tile products are great for indoor or outdoor use.  Outdoor Pool Contractors, Designers, Architects, Developers, Builders, Floor Retail Operations, Hotel Chains, Government Agencies, Commercial Real Estate Management offices, Hi-Rise Remodelers can all benefit from the properties and beauty of Marbella Shellstone.

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