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Who We Are

Pioneers in the industry, in 1991 we introduced Marbella Shellstone to the US market and met a positive reaction to this wonderful stone which has propelled it for the past 25 years. With a solid stepping stone like Marbella, we've been able to expand our operations over the years and focus our efforts into finding unique materials all over the world and learning the best methods to bring them to our clients.

What We Do

Pursuing innovative products, our company has been behind the scenes in the production of mosaics and procurement of stones from many parts of the world.


International sourcing and supply expertise means we deliver materials to any country, from as nearby as the Bahamas to as distant as Japan and Australia, at a good price and timeframe.

Product development and service are our company’s driving force as we continue the pursuit of trend setting materials suitable for the most discerning customers.


Supplying natural stone and products from all parts of the world to a broad client base of distributors, architects and builders means we know how to accommodate every type of customer and our standard of quality and efficient delivery has been the key to our success.

Why We Do It

We do it for you. Customer satisfaction and long term relationships are our ultimate goals.

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