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Modern elegance.


Take your design to the next level with this beautiful, contemporary backdrop. In styles from classic to modern, this uniformly consistent grey anchors a space and produces the perfect canvas to design with.

20.4.20 Luxe Grey - 12x24 - Honed - ISO3


Sizes & Formats

This material is Available to be fabricated into your Architectural Pieces. Just email us your plans & diagrams!

Finishes Available Include: Honed, Brushed, Sawcut

Edge Options Include: Square Edge, Eased Edge, Bullnose

Majority of stocked materials come in a Honed or Brushed finish. Call for current pricing and inventory availability. 

Tile & Pavers:

6x12, 12x12, 12x24, 18x18, 18x36,24x24, 24x48, 36x36, 36x48, 48x48 

Pool Coping & Stair Treads:

6x12, 12x12, 12x24

 Custom Sizes and Shaped Pieces Available 

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Luxe Grey - Honed - Villa Sareen (4)
Luxe Grey - Honed - Villa Sareen (1)
Luxe Grey - Honed - Villa Sareen (3)
Luxe Grey - Armani Hotel Burj Khalifa 1
Luxe Grey - Honed - Villa Sareen (6)
Luxe Grey - Striated - Interior Wall Cladding
Luxe Grey - Honed - Villa Sareen (5)
Luxe Grey - Breuninger Mall Nuremberg 1
tomas guillen Luxe Grey

Benefits / Technical Specifications

Full specifications and more information available upon request. For a quick answer, Contact Us!

Flooring             Yes

Wall Cladding    Yes

Decorative          Yes

Flooring             Yes

Wall Cladding    Yes

Decorative          Yes

Slip Resistance                 Yes

Frost Proof                         Yes

Custom Pieces                  Yes

Mosaic                                No


Installation & Maintenance


Mud and thin set base.


1/16" to 1/2" grout joint may be used. Tiles should be sealed prior to grouting to avoid discoloration and problems in removal of dry grout from tile surfaces.


Water-based penetrating sealer. Enhancing sealer may be used as long as it is penetrating.


Maintenance programs available on request.

Benefits / Technical Specs
Installation & Maintenance
Sizes & Formats
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